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Happy Customers

Upon arrival I wasn't sure how I would like them. The tip seemed larger than I was used to and I thought maybe the handles might be too far towards the hook and get in the way. Right away I decided to use a permanent marker to put letters on all the hooks because it is easier for me to know which hook I need. The label on the package for US sizes and my crochet book do not agree. I did the best I could to try to match them up to hooks I had laying around. I'm still not sure if I have it 100% correct or if this set skips one US hook size. I tend to use which ever hook works the best for the yarn/project I am working on and not necessarily what a yarn/pattern calls for. I began using them as soon as they arrived and I absolutely love them! These are the only hooks I have ever used with a handle and I did purchase them for that reason. I know there are other brands by larger companies at higher prices. I have never used or even seen the more expensive ones but I just cannot imagine they could be any better than these. These are just wonderful in every way. Seriously, stop reading these reviews and just buy them. They are worth every penny and then some!

Lidia Loket

Excellent quality for a very low priced item! I paid as much for this entire large set of soft handled crochet hooks, as I paid for just two similar hooks in a local chain store (WM). They are well made and a great assortment including a couple sizes you don't normally get in these sets including the large K and L sizes. markings are not easy to spot initially as they are indented into the rubber handle and have not coloring added in them, but they are all marked and the case actually has the mm to Letter conversion chart on it. And you do get stitch markers with it, although I am not sure how they will hold up as I got a similar set that broke before they could be closed. These seem a bit more durable than those were. I need them both for my arthritis and for my allergy to metal hooks. I do not need to touch the metal part of these hooks an they are quite comfortable in my hands

Audrey Smith

Been crocheting for many years and wish I had these hooks a lot sooner! Especially since I tend to use the slender steel hooks, I find the LiliSew hooks much easier to manipulate. The colored handles are fantastic for comfort and speed up my work since I can maintain their position with very little pressure, but the hooks themselves are very well made. They remind of the brand Hero, which is hard to find now, but less splitting of yarn and sliding on better are the common qualities. Compared to others I looked at on-line, these were the best price for the quality and I highly recommend the set. I also liked that they arrived quickly and without excessive packaging.

Trevania L
I received my package today and am super pleased with the quality of the hooks. The photo shows a blue Boye 5.5 hook I had purchased a year ago and 5.5 the brown LiliSew hook included in the set. All the hooks are 5.5 inches long overall length and the shafts are adequate lengths. I prefer shorter hooks to avoid hand strain. The Boye hook cost almost $7.00 alone so this set was a super awesome deal. I am a new crocheter and the rubberized hooks are a game changer. Nothing bad to say at all. Yarn glides on and off with ease. Good quality hooks and I especially like the imprinted size on the hook rather than a print version that wears off with use. Hope this helps.
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Lisa P

I LOVE it! I have rheumatoid arthritus and I'm diabetic, so my hands hurt near constantly but I just can't give up knitting and crocheting. These hooks are wonderful for me, I don't feel like I'm trying to keep a grip on a toothpick. :)

Tigerly Lily

I bought these as a surprise gift for my wife. She recently got back into crocheting and she has some slight issues with arthritis in her hands. She was so excited about these hooks because of the cushion grip. She had tried the "s-curve" shaped ones and it cramped her hands even more. So these were the true test and she can now crochet for hours before her hands start to give her issues. She said she is going to buy some for her Mom now. I guess that gives a 100% referral rating because she is very picky about the products she uses.

Chris Casey