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This kit has it all! I i'm always mending holes in my husband's jeans or my t-shirts that snag... And I've always had to resort to using whatever cheap little kit I could pick up from the local grocery. I finally broke down and bought this kit a few weeks ago… I thought all sewing kits were the same until this came in the mail! I'm not sure if I'm just used to the low-quality or what but this kit has lots of color options on thread, a measuring tape, two needle threaders (if you need them), a pin cushion, and a little tube with needles in it. And... the best part is the scissors! I've spent so much time hacking and sawing with low-quality scissors (in previous kits) that just leave my thread in shreds and totally impossible to put through the eye of a needle.... The scissors are sharp and high quality. And small enough to fit right into the kit without losing room for the rest of the items necessary!

I love this sewing kit. I totally recommend it. And I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.

Cynthia L

I love to crochet, I have been crocheting for over 40 years and made everything from pot holders to afghans. Every different project that you work on you usually need different size hooks and I don't now how many times that I just didn't have that size and had to o buy another hook. This set includes 11 different size crochet hooks and 10 colored stitch markers. Each crochet hook has a colored, non-slip, soft, cushioned rubber grip for your comfort and they are made of aluminum. Being older now and having arthritis in my fingers it has been harder for me to continue crocheting, but using these hooks with their rubber rips, I have found that my fingers and hand does not bother me as much as with my old crochet hooks.

Thank you for this product and allowing me to get back to crocheting again.

Michelle B

Comfy grips for hours of use! These color coded crochet hooks are just great. The sizes are easily marked on the ends of handle, and no two colors are exactly the same, which makes for easier for those who switch back and forth often. The comfort handles make long sittings more tolerable by preventing calluses and sore spots. The handles also provide a better grip, so less likely to slip out of your hands.

These are much fancier than the hooks I learned to crochet on as a little girl, but I am excited to start up again as a nostalgic activity that my late grandmother taught me. It comes in a nice plastic clamshell and is very attractive if you are giving as a gift.

Katarina Shackley

Got this for my 8 year old grand-daughter. She uses it all the time and carries it with her. She has learned to sew buttons, make several things out of felt, and fix her own ripped seams. I would recommend supervision until the child has grasped the idea of sewing and working with scissors and needles.

It is a great little kit that comes with everything you need. Great for travel or emergencies.

Sally P

I wouldn't call myself a seamstress, but I can sew with a basic skill set. I ordered this to keep at work and to travel with, because you never know when a button is going to pop off or a hem fall out. This is a great size for sliding in a carry on or desk drawer. It is so much better then those small sewing kits at hotels with one needle and primary colored thread. It zips completely closed and has structure, but is soft sided. It has several colors of thread, multiple needles, and an assortment of black and white buttons. Those items along with scissors are all you need for most issues. Let's face it though how many times have you just needed scissors for anything when traveling. A lot!! So this can be great for more than seeing.

I would highly recommend this sewing kit to anyone looking for one.

Linda V